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Marcia McGee               Ashford

Author, Artist & Cancer Survivor

Marcia McGee Ashford, the esteemed author and founder of Heartstring Productions LLC, is dedicated to supporting fellow artists, musicians, and writers through her heartfelt work. With a diverse background encompassing roles as a mother, teacher, musician, world traveler, and cancer survivor, Marcia brings a wealth of experiences and love to her books. 

In her cancer support literature, Marcia draws from her personal journey, offering faith, hope, and humor to those navigating the challenging path of cancer treatment. Her book "It's All About the Hair: Your Cancer Journey" chronicles her own experiences, including the effects of hair loss, while inspiring readers to embrace their inner strength and resilience.

Embracing her passion for coloring books, Marcia creates therapeutic and uplifting coloring experiences. Her cancer support coloring book, "Healing Art Therapy for the Cancer Soul", and the journal "Flip Your Mermaid Tail: You've Got This - A Cancer Keepsake Journal," provide a creative outlet for individuals seeking encouragement and focus during difficult times.

Marcia's children's books radiate with light and joy, capturing the hearts of young readers and their families. Through her unique characters, talking animals, and whimsical imaginary worlds, she weaves enchanting tales that ignite the imagination. Her beloved Trudy Matoody series follows the adventures of Trudy, a spirited girl who befriends talking animals, offering educational content and delightful coloring activities for young readers. 

When Marcia isn't immersed in her creative endeavors, she cherishes quality time with her family, embraces travel and beach excursions, indulges in chocolate, and shares her life with her furry companion, Lexi Grace. Lexi, affectionately known as Lexi Poo, accompanies Marcia on speaking engagements and road trips, leaving a pawprint in the hearts of all who meet her. 

To see all of the books that Marcia has authored, take a look at Marcia's books about cancer support, alzheimer's support, grief support & more at the book store pages here.


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